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Pallet Racking

There is a huge range of pallet racking types and styles available on the market and it is not always easy to decide which is right for you, with our expertise; we can help!

Adjustable pallet racking systems. Standard pallet racking comes in a range of styles to suit individual requirements, it is highly adaptable and customisable to allow for pallets of various sizes and densities with a range of add on options like mesh.

Wide aisle adjustable pallet racking is designed specifically with forklift access in mind allowing full manoeuvrability in the aisle but sacrificing storage space, they are often used in retail warehouses open to shoppers.

Narrow aisle racking systems allow for a much higher storage density, closing in to the width of a single pallet, but require a special narrow aisle truck.

Our storage solution system can cater for all business needs. Products of all sizes and weights can be safely stored using our developed pallet racking system.

P Nihill Engineering can efficiently design a customised solution to meet any specific requirements, whilst maintaining the maximum storage potential. We also design the effective use, pick flow and work flow of your warehouse. This ensures you are getting the most out of your racking investment, both in a monetary form and through efficiency.

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racks are a superior storage solution in many situations. Compared to standard pallet racks, cantilever racks are:

  • Easier to use: With no front column in the way, cantilever racks are faster to load and unload, lowering handling time and costs.
  • More flexible: Loads may be placed anywhere along the entire length of a row on a cantilever rack.
  • More compact: The lack of a front column saves horizontal space normally lost to rack structure. Handling clearance is also more abundant.
  • More selective: Any load or storage slot is immediately accessible.
  • More economical: Both reduced handling times and increased space utilization make cantilever racks more cost-efficient. Additionally, cantilever racks become more economical as load length increases, while standard pallet racks increase in costs.
  • More adaptable: Cantilever racks can store nearly any type of load. They are especially useful for storing long, bulky, or oddly-shaped loads.

Shelving Systems

Shelving systems are usually used for lighter duty applications where the items to be stored are loaded by hand. The systems are fully adjustable and configurable to accommodate products of different heights and provides a high density solution with operational aisle widths of only 1 metre.

A wide range of accessories are available including dividers, lockable doors, drawers, side and back cladding and timber or metal shelves.

Small parts shelving

This is the lightest duty shelving and is constructed with small shelves up to 1 metre long and frame heights of up to 2 metres. Systems are either bolted together or are boltless for ease of construction and reconfiguration making the system highly flexible.

Longspan shelving

This is a heavier duty system with shelf lengths typically between 1 and 3 metres and frame heights more than 2 metres. Chipboard shelving is very popular for this application and it is idealy suited for storing larger boxes and cartons. This system is also fully adjustable and configurable for the application.

Mobile shelving

These are typically small parts shelving systems that are movable within set floor guides. The systems are usually configured around one single access aisle with the individual shelving runs being moved manually or electrically when access to them is required. This system offers very high density storage and is suited to applications such as archive storage.

Mezzanine Floors

Installing a single level or multi level mezzanine floor provides a cost effective solution for increasing capacity and also has significant cost savings when compared to relocating or leasing additional floor space.

The mezzanine is created by constructing a structural steel floor using steel columns, I sections and secondary purlins. Typically particleboard is used to form the floor surface. Staircases, pallet gates, handrail and kick plates can be incorporated into the design. These floors can be used for many applications such as warehousing, retail, offices and production..

As an alternative to traditional mezzanine floor construction, we are also able to supply rack supported floors constructed from pallet racking or shelving systems. These floors are suitable for high density storage and can offer cost savings when compared to a traditional mezzanine floor construction.


Metal Locker Range

We have substantial experience in supplying the following types of storage lockers:

  • School Lockers
  • Gym Lockers
  • Workwear Lockers
  • Garment Management Lockers / Dirty Lockers / Clean Lockers
  • Wet Area Lockers / Dry Area Lockers / Leisure / Swimming Pool Lockers with Cubicle Installation
  • Golf Lockers
  • Metal lockers
  • Police Lockers
  • Heavy Duty Lockers
  • Small Item Storage Lockers
  • Laptop Lockers / Safecharge Lockers
  • Vision Lockers
  • Mesh Lockers
  • Standard Duty Lockers

Accessories for Metal Lockers

  • Various type of locker locks available – camlock / Latchlock / coin return / coin retain / combination
  • Coathooks
  • Locker Shelf
  • Locker Plinth / Locker Stand
  • Divider
  • Coat rail

Racking Certification & Repair

Racking systems inspection  – independent assessment and training to ensure the reliability, functionality, safety and integrity of your racking systems.

We offer a complete and comprehensive Pallet Storage & Racking Systems Safety Inspection Service, which will ensure that you meet all of your obligations under the Statutory Regulations. All our surveyors have extensive experience in the inspection and certification industry. A full set of reports are provided following the inspection, which highlights all risks identified using our proven risk assessment methodology.