Racking safety & inspection course

This course is designed to train individuals to safely manage racking storage systems in an operation.

Aim of Programme

To provide information and tools to enable individuals to take ‘ownership’ and safely manage storage racking systems and goods stored thereon. By adopting best of practice, in accordance with relevant standards and health and safety legislation, minimise the potential risk of injury to personnel, damage to goods and interruption to business. Annual racking inspections must still be carried out by an external competent person.

At the end of the course, delegates should be able to:
· Demonstrate an understanding of legal responsibilities
· Understand the importance of reporting damage
· Demonstrate a reasonable understanding of the correct use of Pallet Racking
· Understand the importance of providing information regarding loading and load configuration
· Maintain the storage system in a safe condition
· Understand the basic design concept and the importance of the individual components
· Understand the limitations of racking system
· Identify hazards
· Carry out detailed rack inspections and record damage
· Understand the importance of the quality, types and condition of pallets that can be used in racking systems
· Identify and understand the results/consequences of storage concept change.


The fork truck (MHE) driver
Types and locations of typical damage
The consequences of ignoring damage
Rack protection
Rack maintenance – Repair standards
Safety planning – Importance of inspection
Measuring damage – Industry standards
Identifying the hazards
Record keeping
Damage evaluation
Warehouse: Delegates practical assessment
A section of racking will be required for the practical training
Delegates will demonstrate their observation skills and their ability to assess and record damaged racking.

The programme of structured classroom lectures and discussion sessions, employing the use of slides, films, culminating in a theoretical test.

Course Duration
4 hours

Training Location
On Customer Site

Instruction & Certification
Accredited instructors who are qualified as such in their respective disciplines conduct all instruction and certification.

Assessment Method
Theory Test